21 Years of Delivering Entrepreneurial & Vocational Skills to the communities.

School Living Skills is a brand created and owned by Yayasan Pendidikan & Vokasional Wanita Malaysia, (Foundation for Women’s Education & Vocational Training), a non-profit organisation registered since 1999.

Since January, 2020, all the Foundation’s training programme and its related activities are now being promoted and carried out under the School Living Skills brand/logo.

With the new brand and logo, the Foundation hope to embark on a new training approaches and strategies that would benefit more women and youth from all segments of the community

Our Stories

Yayasan Pendidikan dan Vokasional Wanita Malaysia (YPVWM) is a non-profit organisation registered on the 18 of August, 1999 as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, under the Companies Act, 1965. YPVWM was set up with the objectives among others to create training and educational opportunities for women and youth from the poor and other marginalised groups. Since its inception, YPVWM has supported and impacted more than 24000 women and youth from diverse social and educational backgrounds with vocational and entrepreneurial skills through its skills training programmes.

The training has helped to improve their employability skills and income earning opportunities. YPVWM first initiative on the skills development programmes was an outreach programmes created to provide digital literacy training to the rural communities. Working with government agencies and corporate bodies the programme aimed to bridge the digital divide between the have(s) and have- not(s), and between the urban and the rural community. YPVWM’s outreach programme was referred to as the “Program Jarak Jauh Orang Kampung (PJJOK)” or Long Distance Training Programme for the Rural Communities.

Other earlier initiatives was the set-up of vocational skills classes for tailoring, beauty & spa, computer systems and repairs, cooking & baking, and hairdressing to provide new skills to women who were retrenched and unemployed as a result of the 1997-1999 economic crisis. The aim was to help these women to earn income through business or income generating activities or be employed in business sectors that require such skills. In addition to the vocational skills, other skills such as the use of ICT, basic management, financial literacy and English communication skills were also introduced to buttress their skills in entrepreneurship.

YPVWM will continue with its efforts to improve the employability and productivity skills of disadvantaged women and youth through its vocational and entrepreneurial skills training programmes. To meet its mission and goals, YPVWM will continuously seek to work with programme partners from government agencies, corporate and civil organisations for funding and supports.


President & Co -Founder. Hajjah Mariamah Jaffar is the President and co-founder of the Foundation. She has served in various corporations and association as Bank Officer in Bank Pertanian Malaysia now Agro Bank (1975-1985), Senior Executive, Contracts Department Airod Sdn. Bhd (1985-1992), Director Contracts in Donier Seastar,(M) Sdn. Bhd. (19921993), Executive Director of Glamco Aviation Sdn. Bhd. (1994-1996), Executive Director of Time Aircraft Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (1997-1999). She was also an active and life member of the Association of Bumiputra Women in Business and Profession as the Committee Member from 1995-1996 and was selected as Vice President II from 1996-1999     

Vice President & Co- FounderDr.Halimah Awang is currently a Fellow at Social Security Research Centre, University Malaya. She has served as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University Malaya before her retirement. She is the co-founder of the Foundation and appointed to the Board since 1999. She is the Treasurer and Vice President of the Foundation. She is also an active member in other non-profit organizations such as the Malaysian Economics Association (MEA), having served as the Honorary Secretary of MEA from 1996-2001, Committee member of the Association of the Mentally Retarded Children of Selangor and Federal Territories, and currently the treasurer of the Tun Abdul Aziz Mosque, Sect.14 Petaling Jaya.

Director Dr.Rokiah Talib was appointed to the Board of YPVWM since its inception in 1999. She held a Professorship post in the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Malaya. She retired in 1998 and has been active in social works and writings. She is an active member of NCWO, WIM and other women empowerment programmes under the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Director Dr Abdul Latiff Salleh was appointed to the Board since 2000. He was attached with the Faculty of Business and Accounting, University Malaya as a senior lecturer and retired as an Associate Professor in 2007. After retirement he was appointed as the Director of University Malaya Continuing Education Development (UMCED) for two years. Currently Dr Latiff is attached with the College OF Business Administration at the Prince Sultan University Saudi Arabia. 


Mr. UK Menon, LLM (Monash) Barrister
Dr. Chew SiNG Buan, B.A (Hons) (Malaya); Dip. AdEd (Dist.) M.Ed; Phd (Manchester)
Dr. Fatimah Hashim, B.A (Hons)(Malaya); MA. Ed (Michigan State University); Edd (Monash University)
Dr. Chew Tek Ann, University of Malaya; MPhil University of Sussex; Phd (Universiti Pertanian Malaysia)

Our Team Members


Hajjah Mariamah Jaffar

Programme Manager

Nur Azlyn Abu Bakar

Financial and Administration Director

Wasiah Abu Hassan

Assistant Programme Manager

Siti Noraini Tamisly

Director Programmes

Nur Aziatty Abu Bakar​

Assistant Administrative Officer

Suziela Atan

Senior Programme Manager

Nur Azrin Abu Bakar

Project Officer

Nor Shaazma Jamaludin
Nur Ain Saarani
Nurul Izzati Rosman