Digital technology has been shaping the daily lives of people across the globe for decades and has become part and parcel of modern living where connectivity is crucial. With the ever-changing tools digital technology is becoming deeply entrenched in a society throughout the world. How a society functions and prosper will be very much influenced by the knowledge and skills on the usage of the technology. The digital tools provides opportunity for people to innovate and improve their lives.

In Malaysia the digital innovation has helped to revolutionized many institutional functions and its operations. Individuals too are affected to the technological change that improved their quality of life.

YPVWM first initiative on the skills development programmes was an outreach programmes created to provide digital literacy training to the rural communities. Working with government agencies and corporate bodies the programme aimed to bridge the digital divide between the have(s) and have- not(s), and between the urban and the rural community. YPVWM’s outreach programme was referred to as the “Program Jarak Jauh Orang Kampung (PJJOK)” or Long Distance Training Programme for the Rural Communities.

The growth of mobile technology revolutionize the world today by providing accessible programs that exert the influence of how we live and work . In 2017, 94.8% mobile users in Malaysia have internet access using mobile phone as referred to MCMC Internet Hand Phone Users Survey 2017. Thus,the future of wireless technology serve the mobile users to boost productivity in work environment and managing business online using the growing number of apps.

Today, harnessing the use of mobile technology promotes inclusivity and opportunity for all in making sure that no one is left behind. In achieving SDG 5: Gender Equality,it is a vital role to empower women and girls in enhancing the use of mobile technology. (UN Sustainable Development Goals)

Since our collaboration with Qualcomm Wireless Reach, we have trained more than 500 women and youth at YPVWM to mobilize the resources using mobile technology. The mobile technology training enable women and girls aware the availability and functionality of mobile tools which improve productivity and increase business opportunity. The training benefited particularly home-based women entrepreneurs in managing their business. The use of mobile platform help them to sell their product and services as well as to manage their financial activities.

We hope to empower underprivileged women and girls to utilize the use of mobile technology to promote financial inclusion, access to information and market availability.

Managing Apps For Small Business

The workshop enable entrepreneurs to enhance their skills and knowledge in managing their business, improve their productivity and at the same time promoting their product and services.

What you will learn?

  • Google Applications
  • Financial Apps
  • Marketing Apps
  • Productivity Apps

We provide affordable training to all genders and community who want to start a business.

We hope to work with all stakeholders from government, government agencies, corporate sectors, civil society organizations and community leaders for free funded course open to underprivileged community in  Malaysia.   LEARN MORE

VOcational training

YPVWM short courses provide a flexible training to help you learn new skills, upgrade in you business, and expand your skills and knowledge. Our short courses are designed to provide you with the skills you need in the shortest possible time. Courses range in duration from 2 days to 5 days and are offered in various attendance modes to suit your needs.

Fashion & Tailoring workshop

Workshop offers
  • Patternmaking for beginners
  • Patternmaking for intermediate

Tailor-made program

  • Fashion & Tailoring
  • Crafts
  • Baking & Decoration

Vocational & Entrepreneurship

Enhancing growth of women’s and girls’ economic empowerment through vocational and entrepreneurship training promotes their participation in decision making, improve social well-being and employment opportunities.

We offer vocational & entrepreneurship training programs by designing the needs of community and development that emphasize skills for meaningful and sustainable living for women and girls.

We work in partnership with government agencies, corporate sectors, civil society organizations and community leaders to design and deliver tailor-made programmes in reaching out to the target groups. We continuously seek partnership and sponsorship to help us in providing educational and skill program at no cost to our target group and to support our operations.

Vocational & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship workshop designed by YPVWM to empower women and girls from poor low income and marginalized communities to enhance their skills and knowledge in business and technology.

Fully Funded Program

Managing Apps For Small Business