Introducing Vocational Initiative for Community Empowerment (VOICE)

An Initiative by School Living Skills with the aim to enhance the women’s economic empowerment in the rural area through vocational and business skills. Thus enabling them to take greater control of their well-being, and contribute to the social, economic and environmental harmony and sustainably within the community they live. 


Women and youth plays important role in the development of the society. By providing women and youth with the opportunities to learn and acquire marketable skills they will be better equipped to secure job opportunities, have the capacity to provide for their protection, able to contribute to the improvement of the family livelihood and wellbeing and the ability to take part in decision makings. Empowered women and youth would be able to lead the lives of their choice, be an influencer and role model in the community.

Innovative capacity building programs for women and youth not only provides them with new knowledge and employability skills but also helps to create a pool of skilled resources in the community. The availability of skilled resources will help the community to tap market opportunities and/or generate economic activities in the community where they live.


The project components consist of hands-on trainings and business support to ensure that participants will be able to produce and generate income from their activities during and after the project period. All participants will be following all the skill based training as part of the project objectives in providing learning opportunities and exposure to women and youth in the services industry. The training will also guide participants on how to set-up a business enterprise.


  • Improved income and Financial Management
  • Improved social-wellbeing and self satisfaction 
  • Enhanced Training opportunities 
  • Increased network opportunities 
Vocational Skills
Production-based activity
Digital Literacy
Financial Literacy
Monitoring & Evaluation

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A Look Back At Our Past Projects

Since our inception, we have engaged and trained more than 25,000 beneficiaries mainly women and girls from urban and rural communities in the country including Sabah & Sarawak. Click here to read more about our past projects