The objective of the programme was to provide ICT awareness and capability training to local communities within the areas of Kedai. Com. A Kedai .Com is an internet cafe or shop set up by MCMC mainly in the rural areas of Perak for local communities to have access to internet facilities, thus bridging the digital divide between rural and urban folks. Additionally, the training was also to help Kedai.Com operators improve their ICT and management skills for business growth and sustainability.

Among those that benefitted most from the Kedai. Com facilities and training provided by YPVWM were the women micro entrepreneurs. The training on the use of computer and internet enabled the entrepreneurs to access to information on market opportunities, product and supply, and widened their social network.

“I have always wanted to become a business women and successful in my venture. The ICT training enabled me to use the computer and its application for typing letters and making brochures and flyers. The use of internet has helped me access information to improve my business for example in getting supplies for my shop and also be current with latest prices of good. I am grateful to my husband and relatives who have encouraged me to join this programme”. – Malia Osman